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Awesome Coach!!
Eugenio is awesome! My little brother had his first lesson with him and we can already see great improvement in his technique. He is 12 and has only been playing tennis for less than a week but he made the school's tennis team. I enlisted Eugenio's services to help him compete at the highest possible level this season. Eugenio recognized all of my brother's talent and strong points and built on what he did well to make him a better player in an hour's time. He was professional from start to finish. He was punctual, and very patient and thorough with his instruction. I cannot wait to get started on our tennis journey! -  Oct 15, 2016

Phoebe T.Student

Fantastic coach!
I felt that I improved for just one session. He always encourages me, and I really like his teaching methods. Very experienced coach - Sep 14, 2016

Zack T.Student

A+++ Tennis coach!
I have really enjoyed my lessons with Eugenio. He does a great job focusing on techniques and making sure that you are doing the fundamentals correctly, not only to improve my tennis but also to prevent injuries and stress on my joints. He challenges me and customizes my lessons based on how I've been playing and areas of my game that I am struggling with. He is very positive, is a great communicator, and has a knack for pushing just hard enough to be a challenge, but not so hard that I get discouraged. I'm looking forward to continuing my weekly sessions and have already seen significant improvement in my game. Thanks Eugenio! - Aug 7, 2016

Gaby BStudent

  • There was a huge difference in my performance after only one lesson with Eugenio. His knowledge and teaching style are very unique. – Jamey Ledbetter on 2017-02-12


  • He is an outstanding private tennis instructor. He is very committed to his job and to his students and with the passion to take his players to the next level to challenge them in every way possible to teach them new skills and tricks at any time . That is an outstanding coach , he instruct, motivates and he uses the right words to build your energy and passion and correct you. He is great and I wish we could have him here in North Carolina. –  Arash A. May 10, 2016


  • I’ve had fifteen lessons thus far with Eugenio. He’s a fantastic instructor! He’s super fun, he has passion for the game, and with every lesson he both expects and puts in a solid effort. My game has improved drastically since I started my lessons with him. I should note that he’s both extremely reliable and very punctual, qualities I value as a busy professional. At the same time, he has also been very accommodating with respect to my own schedule and travel. I plan on continuing my lessons with him well into the future. I would recommend him strongly to anyone! So if you’re interested in tennis lessons, look no further! –  Gregory S. May 4, 2016


  • Eugenio is a fantastic coach! Ideal session cadence – stretching, warm-up, baseline drills, rallying, serving, etc. Great dissection of game with helpful pointers throughout sessions. Can’t recommend more! – Andy S. Nov 14, 2015